The Spain we now have to deal with beyond Brexit

Carmen Gomez

Continued from previous edition

Then along came Tony Blair in 2002, who accused us of having a “schizophrenic” attitude to our status; here we go again with our status; when he tried to give Gibraltar to Spain to carry favour with EU. I’m sure that those in the EU could be forgiven for now saying the same about the British government and their attitude towards Brexit dealings. Not quite what we would have expected from politicians or ministers who surely must be aware that; unlike other overseas territories; we have long historical ties with the motherland that distinguishes us from the others, in addition to having a totally different culture and education to that of Spain. But the unfortunate thing is that they are not alone. Their conduct has prompted phrases carried in newspapers when talking about Gibraltar like “at present it is a British overseas territory.”

Our differences

An anecdotal reference which illustrates our differences is when this year, because of Covid restrictions and people not being able to celebrate in Spain their feasts and traditional customs; most of which have been invented for the tourist market; I actually witnessed as others did on Spanish TV, a family in their patio, pouring tinned tomatoes over their heads, to celebrate their “Tomatina.”