Dear Sir,
The action of Blacking out thousands of Television subscribers by GibSat and U-mee Satellite Tv providers on Wed 21st of October at 6pm was designed to frighten and gain support in a commercial dispute. All it did was cause anxiety among a community already in the grip of a Covid Pandemic, escalating infections and related deaths in parallel with the uncertainties, that Covid and Brexit hold I store for us. 

Whilst no one should escape blame for this situation, including Gibtelecom, the shock was triggered by the authors of the Joint Statement suddenly hitting the community within hours of the Chief Minister announcing the tightening of the Covid 19 restrictions in the wake of the highest one day rise in positive cases in Gibraltar.
The over 70’s whose only links to the outside world, family members resident in UK and university students just settling in the midst of Coronavirus UK hotspots, are the UK Satellite news broadcasts and I cannot believe our own could do this to us.
GibTelecom’s media ads with special offers in this morning’s papers caused further panic and anxiety, tut tut gentlemen. Christmas couldn’t come quick enough, could it?
This type of corporate guerilla warfare, gentlemen, has done no one any favours and won no one any support, other than the Chief Minister who seems to have ‘banged a few heads’ ?
Significantly the Unions seems to have cooled spirits somewhat.
Please work together in the interests of the community, though this thought must be anathema to the marketing and accounts directors when trying to carve out greater market share.
With friends in close proximity we don’t need new enemies.
Utterly confused and thoroughly disgusted.
Joe Brugada.