When Britain assured Garcia on EU Constitution

The British Government has told Liberal Party Leader Dr Joseph Garcia that London fully intends to stand by the commitment to ensure that the EU Inter-Governmental Conference results in continuity in Gibraltar's EU status. This has come about following representations made by Dr Garcia to the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. 

The Foreign Office has confirmed that the draft text of the new EU Constitutional Treaty, as it currently stands, maintains Gibraltar's special status in the European Union. The British Government adds that "we intend that Gibraltar should continue to be able to participate in the EU as fully as possible within the parameters of that status."
The reply from London explains that the merger of the current three pillar structure will have implications for Gibraltar, as it will for the UK and all the Member States, in the application of Justice and Home Affairs measures. It adds that police and judicial cooperation measures, which previously fell under the Third Pillar would be placed under the scope of community institutions.
The Foreign Office also answers queries raised by Dr Garcia in relation to Commonwealth citizens voting in European elections in the United Kingdom. This is one of the objections raised by Spain following the extension of the eurovote to Gibraltar. London has confirmed that certain "qualifying" Commonwealth Citizens have been able to vote in European Parliament elections from the first such elections in 1979, on the same basis as they vote for UK Parliamentary and local elections as well.

From 27-10-2003