Erect statue of Churchill on Winston Churchill Avenue but leave the Cross of Sacrifice where it is

Dear Sir,
Further to Panorama’s articles of interest of the 12/10/2020 titled:
In this 75th anniversary year - Why Gibraltar should honour the memory of Churchill and Eisenhower and followed by my response letter in your Panorama of the 15/10/2020 titled: I believe in Panorama’s good idea.
Which I do still continue to do. 

Great follow up in your today’s Panorama of the 10th of November 2020, and front page colour photos and page 3 inset after the Poppy Wreaths, had been transferred from the English War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, Line Wall Road, to its rightful place at our Cross of Sacrifice, Devil’s Tower Road / Winston Churchill Avenue.
Please view short historical film video of the first inauguration of the Cross of Sacrifice in Gibraltar in internet if you wish. Gibraltar War Memorial (1922).
Yes. I continue to believe, as Panorama does, that a monument/statue of Sir Winston should be erected in Winston Churchill Avenue. But I don’t agree with the removal of our Cross of Sacrifice from its current location. It has been standing there for 98 years in that iconic location landmark site in memory of the sacrifices of all the fallen during the last wars, and it honours too those servicemen that are also buried here close by at our North Front Cemetery.
Indeed, Sir Winston Churchill Avenue is, as you rightfully say, the appropriate place to have a statue of Britain’s great wartime leader and a great honour and prestige for Gibraltar itself.
May I humbly suggest that the Cross of Sacrifice be left in its own prominent place of honour. Another good idea would be to remove the Sundial, and erect Sir Winston Churchill Monument in its place, in Winston Churchill Avenue. The combination of the Cross of Sacrifice and Sir Winston Churchill close to it would be admirable, in my opinion.
Additionally, if I may, I would like to say that the Cross of Sacrifice, shouldn’t represent an obstacle or problem to the traffic flow once the tunnel under the Eastern side of the Airfield is completed for vehicles rolling in from Spain into Gibraltar, and vice-versa out of Gibraltar. Remembrance Sundays, as many of us can recall has since time immemorial taken place at the Cross of Sacrifice in Novembers, and it’s only once a year, for about two hours, for the Ceremony, and the laying of the wreaths.
I’m no expert, and I don’t pretend to be one, but traffic flowing from Spain into Gibraltar through the tunnel into the new road adjacent to Eastern Beach road could be managed by diverting it at the end, to the left easterly, by the Vehicle Centre, onto Devil’s Tower Road, and directed towards and past Catalan Bay on Sir Herbert Miles Road, south and around the Rock. Traffic from Gibraltar going in a northerly direction from the Western side of the Rock towards the Sundial could be diverted, as in the past, by our Royal Gibraltar Police, as they had always very successfully done for many years, and had worked perfectly prior to the provisional location for Remembrance Sunday’s on Line Wall Road. It worked by directing the traffic flow into Laguna Estate and towards one of exits onto Devil’s Tower Road, opposite the Multi-storey Carpark. The vehicles turned east bound. Those cars travelling on Devil’s Tower Road continued on their way on their easterly direction without any problems. The Ceremonies at our Cross of Sacrifice on Remembrance Sundays always remained unaffected.
May I suggest that the Cross of Sacrifice stay in its entirety in its rightful place of honour to the Glorious Dead, and to respect the location were it has always stood.
Lest We Forget. Another good idea would be to demolish the Sundial and, a Sir Winston Churchill Statue, erected there in its place to accompany the Cross of Sacrifice. If the authorities would consider this and agree, then, there would be a spot left vacant at the bottom of the boulevard steps, as you rightly suggest.
It has just occurred to me that, a General Eisenhower’s Statue would look very, very nice on the spot left vacant at the bottom of the Boulevard steps, and may I add, next to the Madison Buildings at Midtown Queensway, Gibraltar.
There is no statue of Eisenhower amongst other prominent statues in Madison Square Park, in New York City, Green Space, Featuring Sculptures. I am sure it would be a great honour for Gibraltar to have him here at this location.

Thanking you.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Joseph Lezano.