This is a Weather Advisory for Friday with deteriorating weather conditions expected, particularly in to the afternoon, with strong to Gale force winds developing, mainly from a Westerly direction.

Winds are expected to increase to mean speeds of 22 to 28 knots across Gibraltar and will be strongest towards the South and over Southern Gibraltar waters where they may increase occasionally to 34 knots. Gusts are expected to reach 40-45 knots, especially in association with heavier showers or rain, with isolated higher gusts possible. This Advisory will be kept under review and will be upgraded if necessary.

Travel conditions are expected to become difficult at times with the strong winds, and particularly when accompanied by any heavy showers or rain, which may give a risk of isolated thunder.

Definitions of the trigger criteria for a Weather Advisory can be found below:

Lower-Tier - Weather Advisory definition:-
Gale - Sustained mean wind speed 34 to 40 KT and/or Gusts 45 KT or more
Heavy Rain > 25mm in a 6hr period and which could give a risk of Flash Flooding, but < 50mm.