Proud with work done by Government on disabilities, says minister

Yesterday Gibraltar celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Equality has launched a new video to raise awareness of people with disabilities and promotes their abilities. The video aims to highlight the fact that even though a person may have a disability, they are first and foremost a person and a member of our community.
The intention is to remove labels and raise awareness, especially for those disabilities which are hidden. 

The Ministry of Equality had also planned to have an information and awareness stand in Main Street, but this had to be cancelled as it would have been impossible to do this successfully with the and keep with social distancing rules. plans were cancelled.

GSD recognises Government’s huge advances on disability policies

The Government notes the GSD’s opportunistic use of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to politicise an issue that they themselves admit is already being addressed by Government.
As the GSD acknowledge in their latest press release, there has been significant progress in the administration of disability benefits over the last few weeks.
The criteria for child applicants has been clarified, therefore removing the blocker for the Panels to recommence assessing applications. The process of assessment and recommendation has been improved to be more objective and consistent through the introduction of an assessment form.