Extreme Weather or Climate Change - Gibraltar’s tropical weather changes

Last week was one of the wettest weeks we’ve seen in years in Gibraltar. Weather is affected by many variables including the carbon imprint we humans take. With climate change becoming an ever-growing topic can it be said that the terrible weather conditions correlate to climate change in Gibraltar. 

Last week saw ‘Storm Filomena’ hit the rock and various recordings s have flown sky high. The first figure is that we had the wettest January day (24 hours) in 50 years with a massive 134.6mm falling, secondly almost 2 months rain in 2 to 3 days with a total of 232.4mm rainfall. In terms of wind Thursday, the 7th saw gale force winds easterly, levanter with a gust up to 87 km/h. The fourth and final growing statistic is that we’ve experienced the wettest spell since early December 2016.