Carmen Gomez Diary

Carmen Gomez

A truly admirable act of solidarity

It’s hard to assess the damage being done to the hopes and dreams of the younger generation in these times of pandemic and constant lockdowns. However, here our students are truly fortunate in having a government that helps financially to meet the costs of accommodation etc plus parents who can afford lap tops for their children.  

They are much better off than others who live; not in the deepest of Africa; but on the outer coastal edges of the UK; in a coastal town like Skegness say, where children already feel forgotten. One young man’s concern is how this will impact on his education and whether he will have any chance to achieve his dream job i.e. of being a teacher or maybe even becoming a doctor. So far he has been streaming lessons and writing essays on his phone, before he was able to own a laptop.
The problem also is that since his family could not afford a home, they live in a caravan and trying to concentrate on the teacher and hear what they are trying to say is difficult enough when his sister and mother are watching TV.