Where we ought to go depends very much on where we want to get to

Carmen Gomez


It would be right to say that we have had our fair share of storms as a people. The good thing is `that they end` eventually.
What’s of importance is, what effect do they have on our lives?

Do they change us as a people? The answer is yes. All storms leave their mark on us. The hope is that instead of debilitating us, they make us stronger; more determined; maybe wiser, and certainly open to other ways of viewing life and doing things. Being in the midst of a storm is like a warning shot across the bows, that makes you stop and think on the fact that life is difficult.

How silly is that, you may be tempted to say.  Not at all. We have been rushing through life; something I have written before on several occasions; and this particular storm i.e. the pandemic; has made us sit up, or back, and ponder about life in general, and where we were going before covid-19 plus its variants, rudely entered our lives and with a vengeance. More to the point, where is it we are going now?