Where will it all end?

Carmen Gomez

Under the heading of “Spain and UK in talks for post- Brexit military cooperation deal” according to El Pais, is a deal which will cover the fight against Jihadism, cyber-defense and joint missions.

Plus it will also contain “measures of trust” regarding the base in Gibraltar. This, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be our next hurdle to decipher i.e. exactly what lies behind said phrase. As we are all aware by now, one cannot take anything coming from Spain at face value. “Measures of trust” can entail a myriad of things; some of which we may not be in agreement with; and this is what we will hopefully find out in good time, from the UK representative dealing with said talks. The thing is that when I first heard that the UK and Spain were to hold talks over military cooperation, I shuddered. I shuddered because under the new climate of cooperation we suddenly find ourselves in, I sensed that there would be consequences for us to pay in some shape or form. In fact if truth be told, ever since the In-Principle agreement came about, I knew it would lead to a much wider scenario with possible implications for us. It’s that dreaded image of an unwanted foot coming through the door.