It’s now a question of monitoring

In the news; apart from the fake news which we are slowly learning to spot and disregard; what we learn from scientists should be accepted as the only truth, in as far as the vaccines are concerned; after all it is their field of work; and then what our government tells us; who themselves are advised by the scientists. 

If we don’t have faith in either of these authorities, then we may find ourselves adrift in a swirling world of confusion and scaremongering. At present we are led to believe that there are mutations identified in a variant, and then seen in another. This to the lay person indicates that trouble lies ahead; because if the antibodies in your immune system receiving the vaccinations, are getting trained to recognise the virus as we know it, and be able to fight it off; then it is plausible to think that they will not be as effective at neutralising these new variants.