How the hospitality sector will rocket over the summer

The past year has affected the hospitality sector like never before due to the pandemic which has consequently led us all to this worldwide catastrophe. Many sectors have been looked after and some businesses have been able to operate within Covid-19 guidelines. The hospitality sector has been ignored to a certain degree and I believe it’s quite harsh to certain sectors such music venues and sporting stadiums as they have stranded financially whilst other sectors such as the catering have been looked after in the UK. 

Music Industry
Music & Events as an example play a huge part of the music industry as it contributes around £5.2 billion to their economy with a whopping £1.1 billion which is just on live music events. In terms of Gibraltar there is a lot to be argued we normally have small and large events throughout the holiday months so club owners, promoters, booking agents, audio engineers, bar staff, security, cleaning crew and everyone involved are affected by this and not just organizers and musicians.