Are we facing a turning point?

Carmen Gomez

At present it appears that all those things that greatly mattered to many Gibraltarians as far as their future status was concerned i.e. achieving representation at Westminster or self determination; are no longer on the table for discussion; having been put on the back burner for now; we don’t know in what order of preference. The talk is now about the In-Principle agreement. 

This is where we are; and in the interim we wait for news as to how talks progress. There have been comments made on this front by those who see this as a positive step, without even knowing where this is taking us. With the announcement of the In-Principle agreement, the immediate response to this came from a Spanish worker saying that it was great news for them; as in the future it meant it would be easier to simply cross over for people and for her son for example, who had no job; seeing as there would be no borders to impede them. The same was said by the spokesperson of the La Linea workers Association, who added that the queues and the delays at the border and the political issues would be put behind it as well.