Lockdown inspiration

Carmen Gomez

Changes that lockdown have brought about

When reality hit us that we were facing a time of necessary seclusion in order to keep ourselves safe; and that we had to start thinking on the lines that many of us might die; it shook our existence and frightened us to the core.

No one was thinking at the time of what would happen to our businesses or our places of work. We were shaken and dumb. Not our government though, they were going through the paces as they saw fit for our survival as a community. ‘What`s going to become of us?’ was the question on everyone’s lips as we watched the rest of the world being weighed down by the enormity of it all; afraid to consider that this might also be our fate.
That time has gone thankfully, for us at least. But other countries continue their ghastly scenario; as India for one, battles to contain the spread. We have been watching incredulous of what our eyes are seeing. India has in the past provided apart from financial, help in terms of manpower and other supplies to needy disaster struck countries. Now it needs our help. The US is working to find ways to address the crisis but in the meantime the ordinary people are dying through lack of oxygen respirators. The UK today has begun sending ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices. International efforts are under way. As usual it will be the poor that suffer the greatest ordeals and sure death.