Gibraltar once again and its people are a shining example to follow

Carmen Gomez

The 1980’s was seen by Bob Geldof; the Irish singer-songwriter and political activist; as the end of a political period of cooperation and consensus, and compromise. Much later, when he was asked if what he had set into motion and accomplished i.e. the Live Aid concerts etc. could happen today; his answer was a resounding “No.” “You just have to look at the clowns running the planet to understand that could never happen again.”

You may think at first that he speaks with great disrespect about the World’s leaders. Maybe even brush it off by saying, oh well, what can one expect, he is only a musician after all, despite his knighthood; what does he know about politics. But then again, one might well ask, what does anybody know about politics really? And worse still, what do some politicians know about politics? I mean, don`t you at times question this, when you look around at politicians in some of the countries around the globe? I remember someone once commenting on Spanish politicians saying, what else would they do in life? Wicked maybe, but not too far from the truth, perhaps.