Britain's Carrier Strike Group, spearheaded by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, is sailing to Gibraltar, as part of a major deployment of Britain's armed forces.

"At long last we can celebrate the regeneration of UK Carrier Strike – a truly joint enterprise between the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. HMS Queen Elizabeth now embarks on her maiden operational deployment. The flagship of our fleet marks a step change from all that has gone before. At 65,000 tonnes, she is the largest and most powerful surface vessel ever constructed in this country.
"This is an incredibly exciting moment for the UK.
"She is a symbol of Global Britain in action. In an era of persistent competition, we need this capability more than ever. As the recent integrated review and defence command paper underlined, our adversaries pose a growing threat to the international order and the precious values that underpin our security and prosperity. On oceans around the world our competitors are testing the freedom of the seas and obstructing the narrow waterways so vital to our trade.