Summer Sports and Leisure Programme 2021

Summer Sports and Leisure Programme 2021

Karate Kids learn the basics of Shotokai

This week sees the addition of Karate to the Summer Sports and Leisure Programme 2021.
The sessions, which are run by Gibraltar Karate Do-Shotokai Association are taking place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays up until the 18th August. The age of the child depends on which day they participate on.

Karate Instructor Bob Pugh has been teaching karate on the rock since the early 70’s. Karate-Do Shotokai Gibraltar was created in 1974 by Bob, who had previously lived & trained in Shotokai karate in the United Kingdom with KDS, under the guidance of Harada Sensei.
Upon being approached by a group of young men who wanted to learn Karate, Bob began teaching informal and unofficial lessons when his work schedule allowed. Word of the lessons spread quickly, and what was once a handful of enthusiastic students wanting to learn a new sport, turned into an official club in Gibraltar.