Sir Bob Neil - National Day 2021 Message

Hello Gibraltar! And a very, very happy National Day. A year ago, when I spoke to you all through a video link, I don’t think any of us thought we’d be having to do it again. I’m afraid we are, because of the pandemic restrictions. That doesn’t mean that my colleagues and I in the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gibraltar aren’t entering into the spirit. We’re here, as you can see, in the white and red, to make sure that we celebrate National Day with you. This most important day in the calendar.
We are here, with your great team at Gibraltar House in London, to join in the celebra6ons and, very importantly, to send a heartfelt message from us all.

I know this has been a really tough year. It’s been tough for you in Gibraltar. It’s been tough for us in the UK. I think sometimes shared adversities can actually bring people together. So although we’re not with you physically, please don’t think that that is any separation at all in our hearts or in our minds, or any diminution of our absolute commitment to supporting you and your right to be British.
It’s been a tough time, but you’ve responded magnificently. It’s been a good example of the British family working together. The UK Government, I’m delighted to say, was able to provide the vaccines that then, with your great health service, you were able to put into the arms of your population at a rate which surpassed virtually anywhere else on earth. Well done to you!
But is wasn’t just a shot or jab in the arms of people. It was also a shot in the arm for your resolve to keep your businesses, your economy, your political life and your social life going. We take off our hats and salute you for doing that.
What we’ve got today are representatives with me from all the parties in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We are united in our support of Gibraltar; we are united in maintaining that you are part of that family; and maintaining your right to self-determination. The Prime Minister I know has already sent a message which is going to be delivered to you and I welcome that very much. And also yesterday, the President of our All Party Group, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Gibraltar’s great friend, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, raised the Gibraltar flag, the very flag you presented to him, in the Houses of Parliament so it’s flying there proudly on Gibraltar Day and that sends the same message too.
We are part of the same family. You have chosen to be British. You’ve done that through your democratic right. We support you in that 101% and across party, every part of our Parliament is with you in saying that. We’re behind you, all the time.
Have a fantastic National Day. And we hope to see you properly and in person, next year. But meanwhile enjoy and God bless Gibraltar!