*Continued from yesterday, House of Commons European scrutiny committee:
Marcus Fysh MP for Yeovil: You mentioned Frontex earlier, which is the EU’s border and coastguard agency, and how important that is to your view of how the negotiations could successfully go.

I just wondered what role exactly you would envisage for that agency in any new treaty with the EU, and how is that compatible with the Gibraltarian identity and the UK Sovereignty that were set out as important by the joint approach agreed between the Chief Minister and the Foreign Secretary.
Wendy Morton MP, Minister for Europe and the Americas: I think the role of Frontex is an important one, not least because it ensures that the agreement is acceptable to both the UK and to Spain in sovereignty terms. Equally I think it is important to recognise both the UK Government and the Government of Gibraltar are really clear that the operation of frontline external Schengen border checks on the territory of Gibraltar by Spanish officials wouldn’t be acceptable. So, I do think it’s important that we get this piece right when it comes to the borders. And as Andrew [Dalgleish] said in one of the earlier answers, there will be a review when it comes to border and fluidity.