The plain truth about Opposition lies, says Picardo

The Government cannot understand why the Opposition persist in raising non-issues and trying to deceive the public almost every time that they issue a statement, says a Government statement.

Firstly, the decision of who to send to party conferences or to the United Nations is a policy decision for the Government of the day – it is simply not a matter for this or any Opposition to determine or dictate.
Secondly, the GSD’s allegation that it is ‘unprecedented’ for the Government to rent a building for a social purpose or education is a blatant lie by the GSD and Mr Azopardi. This obvious lie is what all their future statements should be judged against.
It is also obvious that the Opposition are now criticising absolutely everything that the Government do or do not do. The Government cannot win, whatever it does. If we save costs by not attending an event, then we are criticised by one Member of the Opposition.