Minister Cortes gets hot under the collar when criticized on public finances or anything else

The Government has now admitted that the annual rental cost of the new St Mary’s school will be in excess of £1.1 million. Instead of making full disclosure of the terms of the arrangement the Government has resorted instead in its reply to the usual mix of insults and smokescreens at a time of public financial crisis, says the GSD.

Roy Clinton, the spokesman for Public Finance, said: “I appreciate that the Minister for Education Mr John Cortes is liable to get hot under the collar when criticized on public finance issues or on anything else for that matter. But he will forgive me for not accepting his criticism given he was the Minister responsible for being £1.3 million over budget on delivering a mere patch of grass. It is my job in opposition to scrutinize the use and misuse of public funds as much as this Government wants to hide behind legal structures and pretend it is not borrowing and spending beyond its means.