Protect Freedom of Speech of Citizens, says Azopardi

For a GibElec worker to be suspended or face disciplinary action merely because he expressed a view on social media that conflicted with the Chief Minister’s view is an outrageous state of affairs.

He should immediately be reinstated without reproach.
Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said: “This situation raises wider issues of the Gibraltar we want and we have become. Freedom of speech is something to be protected. The Government doesn’t need protection from citizens expressing lawful and legitimate comment on issues of the day.

This Government has made a habit of wanting to silence critics. Or is it that comment is only tolerated when it’s in favour of the Government?
This is a real test and the right thing should immediately be done.
Workers should not be made to feel they cannot express opinions in a lawful outspoken way. The right to demonstrate or to hold contrary views to the Government of the day and express them is what makes us a democracy. We cannot be living in a Gibraltar where people have to look over their shoulder just because they express a view or live in fear of expressing views. This culture of fear instilled by the Government’s habit of squashing its critics or whistle-blowers is repugnant to me and not what we want to see in Gibraltar.”