Fan of GBC gives them over £14 million

Fan of GBC gives them over £14 million

Speaking at the opening of the new luxury building for GBC, the chief minister Fabian Picardo said:
‘The building, as an office building, was meant to cost £3,300,00 or so.

The conversion of the building to accommodate GBC added to the cost by over £ 1.5m.
That makes a total cost to produce this building of just over £ 4.8m.
This cost is recovered by the developer, Sharrock Shand, by way of the rental agreement with the option to buy.
Over and above this GBC needed additional equipment of £ 810,000 more of less.

That includes things like CCTV, generators, acoustic treatment for the studio etc, signage and ticker led lighting for radio studios etc etc.

Quite apart from these costs, GBC have had the building fitted out by UK experts for which we have advanced another £ 1,75m Therefore the total costs over and above the building are over £ 2.5m Those of you who have been in broadcasting as long as I have been in politics know that there has never been a government that has provided so much support for our national broadcaster.
When we were elected your subvention was £1.9m.
Today, it is £5.2m.’
*He also said he was a fan of GBC, as if he thinks that gives him the right to pour so many millions into GBC, as if the public money belonged to him. The above outpourings cost over £14 million...and continuing.
Monopolies tend to prosper in dictatorial countries, and if anything, he should be supportive of encouraging others who might wish to enter the broadcasting arena.
Furthermore, there are countries where television is available by subscription and other means, avoiding the millions of taxpayers' money poured into this grand monopoly called GBC.