Apparent scramble to award tenders to the same entity

by KEITH AZOPARDI, Leader of the Opposition
The untransparent allocation of major plots of land within days raises continuing questions. The Government announcement of the TNG Global Foundation as the successful tender for all of the 13 plots at the Eastside project requires further scrutiny.

There are a number of aspects that raise transparency and due process issues as well as the use of land and value for money.
Last week the Government announced it was awarding the Bayside and St Anne’s sites to the same entity who were said to be the highest bidder in the expressions of interest process. The GSD have not had satisfactory answers as to how that could be so when the EOI process in respect of that site closed in 2017 several years before TNG Global Foundation were even established. As we have said that raises issues as to the transparency [fairness?] of that process.