GFA has crushed football dream for a generation of local youth

The Gibraltar Football Association has neglected youth development for nearly a decade since gaining UEFA recognition, preferring instead to focus on luxury ‘jollies’ for its executive and senior side.

Millions of pounds have been pumped into the coffers of the bloated national association constantly accused of misspending, where PANORAMA understands some members of staff rake in six-figure salaries. As a result, the aspirations of hundreds of local children who should have benefited from the Rock’s UEFA and FIFA status were selfishly and needlessly obliterated.
PANORAMA understands that some players within the national team are ‘disgusted’ by the GFA’s overspending and felt ‘embarrassed’ to take charter flights and stay in five-star hotels on away games. Questions have been raised in the past when the national association has booked the most expensive options for its executive and the first team to away games. Indeed, some away games would have been easily accessible by taking a coach to Malaga International Airport and boarding a modest flight, but this option is apparently not suitable for the GFA. When the executive poked its head above the clouds and gazed into the elite (bureaucratic) world of football, there was no turning back, it was all or nothing…or was it ‘for nothing’?