Should there not be an inquiry into GBC?

Should there not be an inquiry into GBC?

Being infatuated with anything can be a dangerous thing, and when you happen to be the Chief Minister infatuated with GBC, could even cost him his seat in Parliament, because he is incapable of recognising the situation he is facing especially at a time when his government is working from a deficit - and he is as pleased as Punch forking out over £14 million for GBC for the little they produce.

When the GBC manager earns more than Government ministers, and even others, more than the elected Opposition including the Leader of the Opposition, people will wonder what on earth is going on.
As a television station, GBC produces only 4 hours a day including repeats and what many consider to be sub-standard programing. GBC is a village station but engrossed in an air of grandeur, and now living in luxury at taxpapers' expense.

Did you know that there are over 80 employees producing what they produce, not the fault of the workers but that of this incongruous set-up.
Apart from the glorified manager, they also have a Head of Television, a Head of Radio, 3 producers/directors, 4 news camera operators, 3 broadcast journalists, 3 broadcast specialists, 4 reporters, another 4 presenters, 3 audio/vision assistants...the list is endless, and then as part-timers, they have 9 presenters, 3 sports reporters, 3 audio specialists, 7 studio camera operators, 4 broadcast assistants...the list is endless, and so is the public money going out and pumped in by fan Fabian from public coffers.
It is a situation of hard-hit taxpayers paying for GBC's luxuries. And a Chief Minister suffering from his infatuation.
If they want new premises, Picardo forks out nearly £5 million so that they can live in luxury. If they want brand new equipment Picardo is there like Father Christmas with nearly £2 million to pay for it from public funds and another equal sum to bring out an engineer to install it. As GBC put it, the government 'has kindly provided the premises and funds for the hugely complex technical fit out.' It is as if they think such a millionaire payout is a kind gesture from a wealthy friend!
Take a walk in the town centre and elsewhere witness how all kinds of businesses are faring.
And GBC is a grand monopoly without competition...will they ever make ends meet? Would they be so extravagant with their finances if the money was coming from their pockets?
And yet, the pouring of more millions from taxpayers money does not address the poor standard of programming, which members of the public consider to be mediocre. To cover up their deficiencies, they provide a facelift to the way they look to give the impression that they are doing something out of this world. But are they? What was Newswatch they now call it GBC News; instead of reading the news from a sit-down position they now do so standing up - and what has always been a basic requirement in television stations worldwide, of having an image on screen of the item they are talking about, has finally dawned at GBC!
Infatuation is the name of the game.
Should there not be an inquiry into GBC?