Devil’s Tower Road carpark an absolute nightmare!

Carmen Gomez
Devil’s Tower Road carpark an absolute nightmare!

The other evening Some of us had been to a mass at St. Theresa`s and had parked our cars in the big car park close to it. When we got back inside, it was impossible to get your receipt acknowledged by the machine at hand, which naturally gave the impression that we did not know what we were doing. 

So then we saw some other people who had just parked there and asked them what to do, they also tied the same machine without any luck and eventually went on their way, without knowing how they would get out. Someone tried calling the number shown in case of query or trouble, but no one answered the call. Then we saw some men around a car parked there and asked them how we could get out. All this time there was no security guard anywhere in sight to help us.
Finally someone said that we had to go further down; this was not signposted; through a door where we could find a bigger machine, and maybe that would work. We went through the door and right enough there was a huge machine which finally acknowledged the card in hand. But then, as we tried to get out of there, we realised that there was no doorknob, so we could not open it. It took a bit of wrestling with a card at hand and trying to slide it through the door to eventually be able to open it. We looked like a gang of thieves whose escape had been foiled, because they could not get out of that space with their booty.