Police want more to be invested to tackle money laundering

Police want more to be invested to tackle money laundering

A behind the scenes look at the RGP’s Money Laundering Investigation Unit, written and supplied by the RGP as a Press Release

Since 2016, the MLIU has helped seize or recover luxury yachts, apartments, watches and over £2 million in cash from organised crime. So what do these highly-skilled detectives get up to?

It’s a department that doesn’t often hit the headlines in the Royal Gibraltar Police.
However, the Money Laundering Investigation Unit (MLIU) is one of the busiest in the force and has helped recoup millions of pounds from organised crime over the past few years on the Rock.
Working closely with their Fraud Squad colleagues, the two teams form the RGP’s Economic Crime Unit (ECU).
At the helm of the ECU is Detective Chief Inspector Tunbridge, who has been an officer in the RGP for over 23 years, 17 of which in the ECU.
So what’s it like being in charge of one of the RGP’s busiest teams?
“It’s rewarding, interesting and good to know that we are tackling organised crime at its heart,” said DCI Tunbridge.