After 13 years and £44 million, there is light at the end of the airport tunnel

Entangled in a myriad of problems over many years, there is now expectation that the airport tunnel will reach completion in this first quarter of 2022 - but don't throw caution to the wind because a previous Government gave 2011 as the termination of this troublesome contract.

Then, after a 5-year yawn, it was in 2016 when a new Government and a new contractor reached agreement to the paralysed works being revived - and 2018 was pencilled in as the completion date.
So, we now asked the Government when did they envisaged the new completion date would be? The first quarter of this year, it was confirmed. So, keep your fingers crossed.
What works need to be completed? We have established that the contractor still needs to complete the Mechanical and Electrical installations as well as their subsequent commissioning. There are also some Civil Engineering works to complete. Hence, after 13 years and a cost of £44 million, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel.