Three roundabouts in the great road network beyond the airport tunnel

The completion of the airport tunnel as such, now due this quarter, is not the end of this never-ending story, as the tunnel will form part of a road network that will lead to Devil's Tower Road, which becomes the new entry point to and from the frontier. 

Questioned by PANORAMA, the Government said that the airport tunnel road scheme includes the construction of three roundabouts in total, namely one at the south linking into Devil's Tower Road/Eastern Beach, one by the East Gate (which is the frontier commercial entrance - and one by the frontier.
In fact, the East Gate roundabout has already been built and has been in use since September 2019. And we are told that the Devil's Tower Road roundabout has already been built as part of the airport tunnel works undertaken by OHL and will be handed over at the same time as the tunnel. Some surfacing works need to be undertaken to tie this roundabout into the adjacent roads and these will be carried out in co-ordination with the handover of the tunnel.