Talks with the EU are expected to resume 'in the coming weeks', said the UK's Minister for Europe Chris Heaton-Harris. The key area of discussion has been ensuring the fluid movement of people between Gibraltar and the EU.
On 14 and 15 December 2021 the UK hosted a fourth round of negotiations with the European Union (EU) on Gibraltar, following previous rounds in December, November and October 2021. 

The minister told the House of Commons that the talks have been constructive and are making positive progress. Discussions have covered a range of issues within the Political Framework agreed between the UK Government, together with the Government of Gibraltar, and the Kingdom of Spain on 31 December 2020.
He added: 'Ensuring the fluid movement of people between Gibraltar and the EU has been the key area of discussion. Other areas have included the movement of goods, law enforcement and criminal justice, transport, social security coordination, citizens’ rights, and data protection.
'Negotiations with the EU will continue in the coming weeks. The UK remains fully committed to seeking a treaty based on the careful and pragmatic balance achieved by the Political Framework. The UK has been clear we will not agree to anything which compromises UK sovereignty.