GSD persist with criticisms going back to 2015, already adjudicated upon by the voters

In my view by F. Oliva

Keith Azopardi’s 2022 New Year address contained his oft-repeated reproaches of the Picardo administration: that it has “walked us to the political cliff edge of a no deal,” in the post-Brexit EU-UK negotiations for a Gibraltar accord; and liable for “the most reckless ratcheting up of public debt ever seen in Gibraltar’s history.”

It was mostly an uninspiring regurgitation of GSD criticisms going back to 2015, basic arguments already adjudicated upon by the judge and jury, (i.e.) the voters, who delivered conclusive political verdict on these issues in the past two general elections.
In respect of the first charge, it is rather mischievous for the Leader of the Opposition to blame the Chief Minister for the British electorate’s Brexit decision of 2016, an exhausting, epic UK upheaval that was entirely out of our hands and ultimately landed us in this pickle.
Had Picardo and Spanish Foreign Minister not come to the rescue with the dramatic New Year’s Eve Agreement (Dec 2020) we would have been plunged into the abyss of a no deal and a hard border with catastrophic consequences for all.