Hydrotherapy at St Martin’s School

Hydrotherapy at St Martin’s School

In-house hydrotherapy will become a reality in St Martin’s School as from this month.

School staff and other Education colleagues, in close collaboration with GHA’s Paediatric Physiotherapy Team, the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority (who will maintain the facility) and external pool specialists appointed by the contractor, have worked over the past few months to ensure we are able to make this important therapeutic addition to the special needs provision in Gibraltar.

Hydrotherapy utilises the properties of warm water to provide an effective mode of treatment and exercise for people with physical and sensory disabilities. It is the temperature of the water, which is maintained between 34 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the thermo-neutral effect which this has on the body, which makes this type of pool very different to your average swimming pool. The children who use this facility will benefit from the many significant, evidence based, benefits of this type of therapy, which include a reduction in muscle tone, spasticity and pain. Water can also be used to assist or resist joint movements which make it an ideal environment in which to carry out stretching and strengthening programs.