Platinum Jubilee street party preparations underway

In February this year, HM The Queen Elizabeth II became the first British Monarch to reach 70 years of reign and celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

This week is the culmination of jubilee celebrations, with various events taking place around the Rock to commemorate the occasion.
One event taking place this Saturday, June 4, is the Queen’s Jubilee Street Party organised by The Rotary Club of Gibraltar.
Street parties are a tradition that were believed to have started to be organised on a mass basis in the UK in 1919, as ‘Peace Teas’, following World War I as a reward for children in times of hardship.
As the 20th Century progressed, street parties became more popular, with many people celebrating the Queen’s Coronation and her various jubilees with festivities in the street. In 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, around 2 million people in the UK participated in a street party.
An estimated 16,000 street parties are due to take place this weekend across the UK.
Ahead of the street party taking place on the Rock on Saturday, PANORAMA spoke to President of the Rotary Club Gibraltar, Jane Hart Simmons, to find out more about what is planned for Gibraltar’s the event to celebrate the Jubilee.