Vithas Xanit Gibraltar opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of Vithas Xanit Gibraltar took place this week at the Sunborn hotel in Ocean Village.
The medical centre officially opened on the Rock on May 16th, 2022.

In attendance at the ceremony was Managing Director of Vithas Xanit, Jose Antonio Rodenas, who explained what a pleasure it was for them to celebrate with you the opening of the Vithas Xanit Gibraltar medical centre, “a set of establishments in which we aspire to give our little grain of sand to contribute to the care of the people of Gibraltar and thereby be closer to all patients.”Also present was Chief Executive of Vithas Healthcare Group, Dr Pedro Rico, who is a leader in his industry, and President of the group, Mr Jorge Gallardo.The Regional Manager of Vithas in Andalusia, Mercedes Mengibar, sadly was not able to be present at the opening ceremony, however speakers noted that she has been at the forefront of the project and would have loved to be able to attend.Finally, Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo explained that since the Government of Gibraltar began the process of collaborating with hospitals outside of Gibraltar, Vithas has been one of the go-to centres.“Generally, I think that the addition of this offer in Gibraltar of private medicine to the standard that you provide, will compliment that which is already available in Gibraltar,” Mr Picardo began.
“Competition is good for everyone, good for the soul and I am sure that you will find that Gibraltar is a competitive marketplace in this particular segment and that you will do a lot to enhance the segment.”
The Chief Minister expressed how proud he was to see the direct investment in Gibraltar by Vithas, especially in particular at this time, as it is not the easiest moment internationally.
“It is just a few months since we have started to wave goodbye to the first global pandemic in 100 years, we are seeing a war in Europe for the first time in 75 years and we are, of course in Gibraltar not through the Brexit tunnel” he added.
“So the fact that you are taking the step and making the investment in Gibraltar with the confidence you are expressing in Gibraltar is very welcome indeed, and I pledge to you that it will not be misplaced.”