End of term concert

Last Friday we were treated to an end of term concert by the students of Gampa at the John Mackintosh Hall. In the old days, we all took part in an end of term concert, but this was reserved simply for the students and teachers. One might have been forgiven for thinking that the West End had come to the Mackintosh Hall that evening. 

I say this because we were treated to a highly polished show from the very young, to the older students, who not only charmed us with their voices, but they also entertained us with a choreography, which was great fun to watch and very punchy.
The first part was reserved mainly for Andrea Martin, and Christian Santos who were accompanied by live music which made it all the more special. Andrea is someone who could have risen to great heights no doubt, had she continued her singing career abroad.
However we have her in our midst, and for that we are grateful; because to hear her sing is simply breath-taking! Christian may have, or not as the case may be, surprised more than one, by singing duets with Andrea; as he rightly called her “Diva;” which he did effortlessly, and with great showmanship.