Spain’s political hypocrisy over Gibraltar base

During the meeting of the United Nations Committee of 24 last week, Spain compared Gibraltar to the Chagos Islands by highlighting that both had military facilities. This is the ultimate political hypocrisy, coming from a country that has long coveted the Gibraltar base for itself.

While people in Gibraltar were having their afternoon tea, Spanish Ambassador to the United Nations set the scene to the UN after breakfast on Monday of last week. In his opening, he referred both to the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Chagos Islands and also to the subsequent General Assembly resolution which urged the U.K. to hand them back to Mauritius.
It was a well calculated ploy designed to win sympathy from the international community by giving the impression that the two situations, Gibraltar and Chagos, are somehow identical. The reality is that they are very different and Spain is wrong of course but when has that stopped them before!