Summary of Picardo in Parliament

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo began Monday’s Parliament session reply to the Opposition with a reading of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘If’, before noting that he rose to reply for the Government with deep disappointment in the contributions from honourable members opposite throughout last week’s sessions. 

He added that what they have had to endure within the last week is what he would only describe as a ‘debasing of parliament.’
Speaking of Parliament last week, the Chief Minister added: “But Mr Speaker the words of Kipling are particularly apposite because of the parliamentary thuggery to which we were submitted, when Mr Feetham subjected you in particular to an assault in respect of your position on the established rules, which is probably the most unsavoury episode that I have seen in this place for a long time.”
The Chief Minister argued that the Opposition’s speeches were not about the 22/23 Appropriation, and more so about the next election. He noted that they have had to increase things such as taxation and utility bills, but not as much as in other countries.