We do not need to keep in with the right crowd

Remember the ex-foreign affair’s minister Dastis who said "one only has to look at La Linea to know why the Gibraltarians don’t wish to be Spanish."

Specialist Jason Dittmer says the principal reason and advantage of being Gibraltarian, is that its constitutional relationship permits more or less a total autonomy over internal affairs and self-government, and it provides the backing and support of the UK where it is necessary. I can say he is absolutely right on that; unlike La Linea that has for decades never been able to have that support from Spain. Because whatever the Spaniard across the border may want to think, that they are doing this for them, what they are doing is simply to fastidiate us; period. Then he says that from a British point of view, the UK does see great benefits on maintaining the rock; though the sovereign benefits are less clear. The military presence has diminished considerably. They obviously don’t take our Royal Gibraltar Regiment into consideration.