Well done Robert and Anamaria Gomez

Carmen Gomez Diary

Robert and Anamaria Gomez, both in their seventies, have completed their 1,000 mile charity walk, from the Rock to the Cantabrian Sea, which started from the shrine of our lady of Europa; where they received the blessing of Monsignor Azzopardi; before setting off.

It has taken them three months in all. Just like many of us who are touched by the passing away of a loved one; in order to create awareness and raise funds for a worthy cause; we go on walks or runs, and undertake certain feats of our own, in memory of our loved one. One of the couple’s grandchildren was born with severe hearing loss, so this cause is very close to their hearts; and they have before raised money in the UK. They then decided to get in touch with Edgar Triay, in Gibraltar, from the GHITA Association that also raises awareness, and brings over experts in this field from the UK from time to time, in order to try and learn a bit more about the help available to its sufferers, and what advancements have been made so far. Despite the intense heat in Spain and a couple of falls along the way, they are happy to have collected more than what was their initial expectation. The Chief Minister praised their efforts in Parliament. Well done, your family and friends are all proud over your achievement.