Return of potable water across Gibraltar almost complete

The Government has been briefed for the second time today on the latest developments regarding water disruption across Gibraltar. The situation continues to improve further with only two localised areas remaining affected, at this stage, by the water shortage.

The advice the Government has received from AquaGib is that these two locations are; The Sanctuary, just past the old Casino site, and the upper area of Gardiner’s Road.
The Government has instructed AquaGib to refocus their efforts in ensuring supply of potable water bowsers to the areas concerned. The Government would also like to take this opportunity to remind the general public of the importance of continuing to be conservative with water consumption until such time as stock levels increase at the AquaGib reservoirs.
Approximately 600,000 litres have been imported from Spain today and unloaded at Hesse’s pumping station at King’s Line depot. This is a further increase from yesterday’s figure of just over 500,000 litres and will assist AquaGib in ensuring the continued supply of potable water at homes across Gibraltar.
The Government has also taken the decision to suspend showering facilities at Eastern Beach for affected families and continue only with the facilities at the Tercentenary Sports Hall (TSH). This is due to a decrease in the demand as a result of the successful restoration of water to most areas in Gibraltar. The TSH can be accessed from 7:30am to 11pm every day.
A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group dealing with the water disruption is scheduled for tomorrow at midday. An update will be issued following the meeting.