GHA and no one’s home syndrome with their failing standards?


Unfortunately the GHA have been found to have earned a progressively poor reputation. This is based on a collection of failings that aren’t being corrected!
It’s easy to find fault in a system when you’re in pain or seeking medical advice with staffs being reluctant to help! What does the current position of the GHA mean for our health service? ‘No one’s home syndrome,’ isn’t a real condition however there is a huge lack of staff wanting to answer the phone and pay attention to their patients.

Over the last few months I’ve been asking the questions that people don’t want to for fear of upsetting others. The purpose is to find out why these problems aren’t being corrected?
Surely GHA staff and their receptionists should answer the phones when patients are calling for help?! Why is this still not being addressed? In questioning this I was told by various reception staff that they don’t have enough manpower to answer the phones and do their jobs. They continued to say that they’re repeatedly called back when other departments in the hospital don’t pick up their phones either.

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