Poor storm drainage in Gibraltar with gigantic roaches!

In my Opinion by CATHERINE NUZA

It’s no secret that Gibraltar and Spain have problem cockroach areas. Main town area has become increasingly worse when storm drains aren’t functioning correctly.
These cockroaches are mainly seen coming out of clogged drains and they love to inhabit the plumbing of old buildings. With so many houses needing repair within the town area the problem seems to be getting worse. When the winter weather starts to set in and the streets are soaked in rain the cockroaches from fear of drowning find some dry places to wait it out.

Under the tarmac surface of Gibraltar are pipes that run the full length and width of Gibraltar. These pipes provide water and others aid drainage. When the heavy rain floods these underground pipes the cockroaches need to seek shelter elsewhere. They could be found in unusual places, homes, garages, shops, restaurants after scurrying about to find dry land.
When you look at them (depending how katsaridaphobic you are) might make your hairs stand on end. These creatures are also trying to find the three basic elements of survival. These are food, shelter and water.