An application to develop an art gallery, children's art centre and restaurant at Fortress House, 7/9 Cathedral Square has been filed with the Town Planner.
Fortress House is one of the oldest colonial houses remaining in Gibraltar and when the property was previously put up for sale, the Gibraltar Heritage Trust issued a press release explaining the building is of significant heritage importance. It previously housed former Governor of Gibraltar, Robert Boyd between 1776 and 1777. 

“…Any redevelopment of the property would need to be sensitive to the building, it’s heritage and architecture in complying with the guidelines within the Old Town Guide of the Gibraltar Development Plan” the press release stated.
The site is just off of Main Street close to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.
The Design and Access Statement, prepared by Gamma Architects on behalf of applicant, Fortress Gibraltar Ltd that can be viewed on the Town Planning eGov website, states they wish to refurbish and extend No 7-9 Cathedral Square, [Fortress House] to convert into a new Cultural and Social Hub in the Old Town.
Additionally, their aim is to provide an interesting and vibrant space for the community, with a variety of exhibition and cultural activities.