“Despite the truce, Spain laid siege to Gibraltar again in 1727 which became the 13th siege of Gibraltar.” They forget that they set a precedent; a bad one; which later on they accused England of following, with Utrecht.”
We have to call ourselves fortunate that in our small nation, we have and have had leaders in government, who have grasped the meaning of “once bitten twice shy” and have applied it in their policies. 

If we look back to when the frontier was closed by Spain, and deprived of a Spanish work force and many other things including oxygen for our hospital patients; our governing bodies took note and in 2019, when they were able, they set up our own production plant rather than having to rely on Spain to import it; saying it would “pay for itself within a few months.”
Before that, in 2016, Antonio Munoz of Spain-based environmental group Verdemar, said his operation had called on Spain to connect Gibraltar to its national grid and supply it with electricity. Here again Gibraltar would not buy into this, and eventually a solution to one of its biggest problems i.e. electricity outages, was found. This came in the form of the construction of a small regasification unit that would receive, store and re-gasify the LNG arriving by ship.
Furthermore in order to deal with the energy problems, Israeli company `Eco Wave Power`, inaugurated the first ever grid-connected power station in Europe on Gibraltar, which aimed to produce 15% of its electricity.