In my opinion by CATHERINE NUZA

Well it’s happened, your little angels have grown up into toddlers with their sole purpose being to look behind them, climb everywhere and tear everything apart. 

The question on many Gibraltarian mothers’ minds is; how can I baby proof their room? When staring at all the gathered items in a toddlers room, the dangers of each item could make you feel scared of the next step of freedom that your child or children are about to take. If you have twins it might mean that you have doubled the amount of stuffed bears, toys and of course furniture that a single child would have in their room.
Little hands especially when propelled by little feet can be deceptive. It can shock people how fast they can wrap their little fingers around the door as you are trying to leave. This might also be when you realise your toddler has suddenly discovered climbing! This now forces you to look at all levels and aspects of their room. What can they climb on, grab, try to swing off or fall on that might be crossing your mind but now is the time to breathe and tackle each red flag as they come.