New EU digital border systems can severely restrict local cross-frontier movements in no treaty scenario

In my opinion by F. OLIVA

The European Union is set to reinforce its borders in May 2023 with the introduction of digital systems that will clamp down on non-EU nationals who fall foul of the 90-day rule.

Anyone exceeding the period of legal stay in the prescribed 180 day cycle, would be fined or banned from future travel into the EU.
Those still dilly-dallying in respect of the overwhelming benefits of the proposed EU-UK treaty on Gibraltar, or outrightly opposed to a diplomatic initiative that would render us immune from such restrictions on our ability to cross the frontier unhindered, should reflect on how ordinary citizens would be affected if the deal collapses at the last hurdle.
The application of such a rigid, automated system across all EU external borders would lead to chaos and unimaginable delays at the Gibraltar-La Linea frontier.