Anti-technology individuals in Gibraltar

In my opinion by CATHERINE NUZA

Most Gibraltarians love having technology and devices which is one of the best things about living now. How does this technology overload affect those who want nothing to do with it?

Some people might see it as plain rude when your message that you sent a week ago still has no reply. You have various types of people and in those different circles they use their phone to distinguishable levels. What might be a simple reaction to send an ‘ok,’ or ‘cool,’ as a reply might sit on the back burner of their daily efforts.
The problem others state is that we live in an instant gratification world. When you ask a question you want an answer within what each person sees as a timely manner. That thought of ‘why aren’t they messaging me back,’ can creep in when you’re trying to organise a plan to meet up or have enquired how they are.