Full text of Chief Minister’s address to Gibraltar Day Finance Centre Lunch

Thank you very much, Albert.
Our opponents say he has been the best minister for financial services in our history. And an objective analysis tends to confirm that, and then some!

After what we have been through in the past thirty six months, it is a real pleasure to be with you today at this usually annual event.
It is really quite remarkable to think that our last event here was three years ago.
We gathered here together in 2019, weeks after we had won the 2019 General Election.
Our manifesto in that campaign was geared to dealing with the end of the period of Withdrawal from the European Union and the establishment of a new relationship with the EU going forward.
Oh, for the heady days when all that we had to deal with was BREXIT.
We were, of course, entirely blind to what where to become the greatest challenge to have faced any elected Government in Gibraltar’s history.
An airborne human disease that killed otherwise healthy people.