40% of Spaniards say Gibraltar is not Spanish

40% of Spaniards say Gibraltar is not Spanish

Just over 40% of respondents to an opinion poll in Spain have replied that in their view Gibraltar is not Spanish. The online poll of 1104 participants was carried out by Electomania (electomania.es) between the 22nd and 27th of last month.

In a curious departure from the standard question as to whether Gibraltar is British or Spanish, the organisers decided to offer a third option too of neither British nor Spanish.

The Gibraltar flag illustrated this option pointing to the term “Gibraltarian“ without actually spelling it out. A total of 59.4% of those polled considered that Gibraltar was or should be Spanish, while 40.6% considered that it was not with that figure broken down into 24.8% British and 15.8% choosing neither, next to the Gibraltar flag icon.
The organisers point out that the poll was put together using a random sample. However, the outcome nonetheless appears to be a reflection of other more modern trends in Spanish society. In particular the move towards a more progressive agenda in Spain has been accompanied by the active and physical dismantling and debunking of the themes that the dictatorship imposed on the country over a period of nearly forty years. The indoctrination of the public with “Gibraltar Espanol” is clearly one of those themes.